About Us

Our Story

2007 South Dublin, Ireland one of the older lads told an eye opening story of teenagers who spend money in order to impress people & to try and show people that they have money. Thus, spending more money than the they actually have. He concluded the story by saying “boys..money is supposed to come in, not out”. This story led to the phrase MCINO (pronounced Em-See- No). A phrase that became very common amongst many friends in South Dublin. At that moment a legacy had begun.

Almost ten years later the idea struck our Founder, Temitope Akinwale to make a luxury clothing line based on the values of MCINO. Our founder knew that the market was saturated, there were many Irish clothing brands struggling and was unsure of the idea. After speaking with Co-Founder, Nikolaj Jasenko, the formula had been derived after he mentioned his father’s life lesson – “Don’t worry about how others are doing, just worry about you doing well”.

Our Goal

MCINO is an abbreviation for “Money Comes In Not Out”. The founders of MCINO have a passion for urban street wear and luxurious high-end clothing. The goal is to provide our customers with high end, classy and luxurious street wear with a casual twist at the same time. We always strive to go that extra mile for our customers which is evident in the material we use, the quality of our designs and our attention to detail.

We aim to create an inclusive family in which people from all different backgrounds can express themselves through fashion.

We are not a brand or a company, we are a family.